Remedy Entertainment announces Vanguard agreement with Tencent

Remedy Entertainment Tencent

Remedy Entertainment is betting on the Asian giant for the distribution of its next multiplayer game.

Remedy Entertainment, one of the world’s most well-known video game studios, surprised the press today, announcing on their website that they have entered into a new agreement with Tencent, the company behind Epic Games, Riot Games, and Supercell. Tencent will develop, distribute, and localize Remedy’s upcoming multiplayer game called Vanguard in Asian countries.


This new product will be a new intellectual license from Remedy for consoles, PC, and mobile devices, combining the studio’s storytelling experience with action elements and a free-to-play cooperative PvE multiplayer experience.

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It should be noted that Vanguard is still in its early stages of development, so we won’t be seeing it for a while. However, we do know that the cost during its first year will be comparable to other AAA titles from the studio, being funded by both Remedy and Tencent, who will also be responsible for the game’s localization and distribution in Asian markets where it may be interesting.

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Vanguard marks Remedy’s first entry into Games-as-a-Service business model, executed by our top tier team of free-to-play experts. We are building something new and exciting for co-operative multiplayer space, on top of Remedy’s strengths,” said Tero Virtala, CEO of Remedy Entertainment.

Remedy Entertainment Tencent

“Expanding our capabilities to take on publishing responsibilities is the next step in the development of our company. We are excited for this long-term partnership with Tencent and with confidence can say that it is an excellent fit in supporting Vanguard’s ambitious plans. Vanguard is a global opportunity, and Tencent can support Remedy internationally, and lead the operations in Asia and the mobile markets,” Virtala added.

Most firms want to collaborate with Tencent in some form, and understandably so, as the Asian behemoth continues to astound with its wisdom and ability to convert its products into gold mines. Hopefully, Remedy Entertainment will provide more details about Vanguard in the not-too-distant future.