Repair Discs w/ GameDR AutoMax

With recent message board reports of disc scratching from the new Microsoft Xbox 360, consumers can protect their investment in Xbox media as well as any other game, music, movie or data disc with GameDR AutoMax — a digital ‘doctor’ from Digital Innovations that repairs surface scratches or abrasions on discs of all kinds in just 60 seconds.

Slightly larger than a computer speaker, GameDR AutoMax restores damaged discs to good-as-new shape with a patented motorized resurfacing wheel that removes a microscopic layer of plastic on the playside while leaving the contents intact. Just spray the ailing disc with the resurfacing fluid included in the package and slip it into the GameDR slot toaster-style. The device will turn on, load, spin, repair, eject and shut off automatically. The rejuvenated disc can then be dried with the special cloth and buffing square provided, and returned to your digital library in mint condition.

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GameDR AutoMax has built-in storage compartments for housing the resurfacing fluid, drying cloth and buffing square; can run on DC power or six AA batteries; and retails for $39.99 at leading retail outlets including Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, EB Games and GameStop as well as online at

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