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Report: GameStop opening Nintendo Switch OLED Model pre-orders today

Nintendo Switch OLED Model

GameStop is reportedly opening pre-orders for the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED Model today.

In-store pre-orders are expected to start at 3 PM Eastern Time. Meanwhile, online pre-orders should also go live around that time, although you may have a better chance at your local store. If you have no luck there, you may want to keep tabs on Amazon too.

The report comes from GameSpot:

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GameStop hasn’t officially confirmed this on Twitter yet, but when three separate GameSpot staffers called their local GameStop stores today, two out of the three stores in different cities confirmed that yes, in-store preorders will be available today at 3 PM ET. Reports on Twitter back this up as well.

Nintendo revealed the new OLED Switch model earlier this month. It includes a new 7-inch OLED display, an adjustable wide stand, a LAN port on the TV dock, and other features. The new system launches on October 8, 2021 for $349.99.

Do you plan to pre-order an OLED model? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!