Report Hints at GTA V Release, Dark Knight Rises Game, and Battlefield Evolved

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In addition to some very juicy rumors about the Xbox 720 launch, the UK-based site MCV generated more buzz today based on the findings in a 2012 retailer release schedule.

According to the report, a UK High Street retailer is suggesting that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment plans to tie-in a new Batman game with Christopher Nolan’s upcoming “threequel” and summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises.

That wasn’t all from MCV; along with the hint of the unconfirmed Batman film-to-game adaptation, there was a listing for something called Battlefield Evolved. No further information was stated about this possible Battlefield title – however, we already know that Electronic Arts is working to publish the latest Medal of Honor (Warfighter) and get it ready for its October 23 deadline.

That being said, it is very unlikely that EA would try to push out two major console FPS titles in 2012. In fact, CVG hints that Battlefield Evolved could be designed for mobile platforms (iOS/Android) or even handhelds (Vita/3DS). Perhaps this could be the 3DS version of Battlefield 3 that everyone (including EA) seems to have forgotten about…?

Finally, MCV points out one last notable name on the 2012 release schedule; none other than Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. The site claims that the return to San Andreas will be coming in “autumn 2012.” This actually lines up pretty well with my previous guess (mid- to late-September), so I have my fingers crossed. That is probably all you can do until E3, when Rockstar will likely open the floodgates and fill us in with plenty of GTA V details and trailers.

As with any rumors, tidbits, and unconfirmed information, be sure to take what you have just read here with a grain of salt. After all, the 2012 release schedule all the information came from originated in the UK, so it may not apply to gamers in North America. Regardless, the possibility of there being truth to all of these unconfirmed games seems to be more likely than the Xbox 720 rumors that MCV was spitting out earlier this morning.

Let us know what you think – would you enjoy a new Batman game based on the latest Christopher Nolan film? Could it break the mold of comic/film/game adaptations? Also, what is this “Battlefield Evolved”, and will we finally see the series make an appearance on mobile devices (Android/iOS) or handhelds (Vita/3DS)? Finally, regarding Grand Theft Auto V; when is Rockstar kicking off its road-trip back to San Andreas? Expect to hear more about it before E3, and if not sooner, than sometime during the show in LA this summer.