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Retro bullet-hell RazerWire: Nanowars out now on Switch, coming soon to Xbox

RazerWire: Nanowars

In addition to the release of RazerWire: Nanowars on the Nintendo Switch, it is also coming to Xbox consoles next month.

Hammer & Ravens, in cooperation with publisher Red Deer Games, has announced that RazerWire: Nanowars is now available for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a unique retro-style bullet-hell game.

Survive the never-ending waves of invading aliens, which become more intricate and challenging with each passing wave, and when you fail, use the resources you’ve gained to enhance RazerWire and continue fighting.

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Go back to the 80s with this bullet hell inspired by retro games.

RazerWire: Nanowars is a one-of-a-kind bullet-hell style game inspired by retro arcade-style games from the 1980s but modernized with a modern rogue-like progression, in which you don’t shoot enemies but use a wire connected to a generator as a weapon, cutting enemies with a sharp monomolecular filament.

Each wave grows tougher as the opponents enter, bringing new weapons and better armor, but things become a bit easier with the upgrades that we can perform wave after wave, with the points that we will acquire, which we can trade for helpful weapons and powerups.

The Nintendo Switch version of RazerWire: Nanowars is now available. On December 17, the game will also be available on Xbox consoles.

Watch the launch trailer of the game down below.