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Indie developer Pixelatto has released the 2D nonlinear pixel-art adventure-platformer Reventure on Switch. The game was previously released on Steam back in June.

Reventure is a game where you explore, gear up, and die a lot, only to retry and learn from your mistakes. The game claims to have 50 unlockable characters and over 100 different endings.

It looks like the developers at Pixelatto – which is based in Spain – have a fairly good sense of humor, too. It leans pretty heavily on pop culture references and memes. This is their first commercially-released game.

The Switch version retails for $9.99 on the Nintendo eShop. It comes in at 411 MB, so it’s not a huge download.

No word on whether the game will eventually make its way to PS4 or Xbox One. If you prefer playing on PC, you can get the Steam version for $7.99.

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