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Revolution Budget Priced at $99-$150

In an article with “informed studios”, IGN posted details about the Revolution. According to one person, “The CPU is the same as Gekko with one and a half to two times the performance and improved caching,” said a source. “Our guys experimented with it and think they’ll be able to get about twice the performance as GameCube.” Another source said, “It’s a gamble for the Big N. It’s not about horsepower for them — it’s about innovation and gameplay.”

The biggest news though is the price point of the system. Everyone was expecting it to retail far lower than the Xbox 360’s $400 and PS3’s speculative $400-$500, but there is now insider information that points to a budget-priced Revolution. “Software houses we spoke with also waxed on the immediate advantage to Nintendo’s approach with Revolution, which is, of course, system price. Every developer was in agreement that Revolution should launch with a price tag of $149 or lower. Some speculated that based on the tech, a $99 price point would not be out of the question.”

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