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Rhythm game Avicii Invector celebrates the legacy of the late DJ

Fans of the late superstar Avicii will soon have a chance to experience one of the famous DJ’s final projects.

Avicii Invector is a space exploration rhythm game featuring the music of Avicii. It is based on the previously-released game Invector.

Avicii Invector is a “pulse-pounding, frenetic rhythm-action experience.” According to the developers, players will “soar through vocal melodies, sweep each fade, and attack every beat” of Avicii’s biggest hits.

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The hits include global chart-toppers like Without You, Wake Me Up and Lay Me Down. In total, the game will have 25 songs from the superstar.

The game was created in collaboration with Avicii before his death in 2018. Family members have worked to finish the project as part of his legacy.

Avicii Invector celebrates Avicii’s life and music by immersing players inside the pulsing rhythms, evocative lyrics, and beautiful melodies he created,” says Wired Productions Managing Director Leo Zullo.

“He was an amazing talent, and as an advocate for mental health, I hope and believe this project will bring Tim Bergling’s wonderful spirit to a world that can benefit from it,” Zullo added.

The Tim Bergling Foundation will receive a portion of profits from the game. The foundation, which was created by the DJ’s parents, “advocate[s] for the recognition of suicide as a global health emergency and promote[s] removing the stigma attached to the discussion of mental health issues.”

Avicii Invector will be released on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One this winter.