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Ride 4 gameplay trailer shows off in-game engine

Ride 4

A new trailer for the upcoming motorbike racing game Ride 4 is out today, and it uses nothing but in-game footage.

The trailer shows off some of the finer details that are captured within the game. It launches on October 8 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

“From the cockpit to the data on the dashboard, everything is a perfect reproduction of reality,” says developer Milestone. “All bike models are authentic and lifelike replicas of the most iconic motorcycles, even the rarest and most exclusive ones.”

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According to Milestone, Ride 4 has a “completely renewed” Career Mode. It also comes with a brand new Endurance Mode, which they call “the hardest challenge that only the best virtual riders can face.”

Meanwhile, physical pre-orders are open at Amazon for PS4 and Xbox One.

Watch the new gameplay trailer below!

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