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Ridge Racer 7 Demo Coming to PS3’s PlayStation Network

NAMCO BANDAI Games announced today that racing fans are now able to experience their first taste of its recently launched next-gen racing game, Ridge Racer 7, for free by downloading its first demo via the PlayStation Network. The action-packed drift racing demo is now available for download, to play on the PlayStation 3 and will include a 3-lap arcade mode where players will have eight cars to choose from and a chance to race against 13 other AI cars for the full Ridge Racer experience. Boasting 5.1 channel surround sound, a hot music track, and running on full-HD,1080p, the new Ridge Racer 7 demo gives players a taste of the fun and addictive racing experience that Ridge Racer games are known for.

“Gamers who have yet to experience Ridge Racer 7 will now have the opportunity to do so with this free downloadable demo,” Makoto Iwai, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for NAMCO BANDAI Games America said. “We are confident that after experiencing a sample of Ridge Racer 7’s impressive drift racing mechanics and fun gameplay through this demo, players will realize that Ridge Racer 7 is the missing element in their PlayStation 3 system collection.”

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