Riot Games Music announces virtual Pentakill Lost Chapter heavy metal concert

Pentakill Lost Chapter

The music division of Riot Games once again collaborates with Pentakill to perform a virtual concert worthy of being part of the metaverse.

Riot Games Music is collaborating with virtual entertainment company Wave and The Mill to create Lost Chapter: An Interactive Album Experience, which will include Pentakill from the popular video game League of Legends.

The announcement of the virtual event coincided with the release of Pentakill’s long-awaited fourth album, III: Lost Chapter. It’s accompanied by an alternate reality game campaign that, unknown to Pentakill fans, would lay the stage for a full-on trip into the secret mythology of Pentakill.

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The virtual event will give fans a front-row seat to the sights and sounds of Pentakill like never before. It’s all thanks to interactive VFX and animations with real-time gaming technology created by The Mill, a creative production firm.

ARG Campaign

The ARG campaign, developed in collaboration with creative production firm We Are Royale, debuted on August 29th on the @riotgamesmusic social platforms. Pentakill followers were encouraged to answer a series of riddles, puzzles, and ciphered messages from an unknown source who would eventually be revealed as Viego, a League of Legends character who is obsessed with improving the world of Metal.

Riot Games will ask Pentakill’s legion of fans to help select the next stage of the Lost Chapter quest once they solve the ARG riddles over the course of four days. The ARG campaign will climax this September with an interactive concert experience that will not only offer fans the ultimate say in how the trip finishes, but will also be their first chance to hear the III: Lost Chapter album in its entirety.

Another Riot bet in the metaverse.

Riot Games previously stated that III: Lost Chapter would be a concept album that will explore a variety of metal subgenres in support of Pentakill’s ambition to explore new sonic regions. The III: Lost Chapter campaign is Riot Games’ newest foray into music and the metaverse through story and character-driven events.

Riot Games Music has earned a name for itself in the music metaverse with K/DA, a K-pop-inspired virtual girl duo, and True Damage, a hip-hop collective using League of Legends characters.

“We’re excited to continue to push the envelope in music and storytelling with Pentakill. With our partners at Wave, The Mill, and We Are Royale, we have set out to showcase what the future of virtual entertainment experiences can be,” said Toa Dunn of Riot Games Music.

The virtual concert will debut on Wave’s platform on Wednesday, September 8 at 1:00 p.m. PT.

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