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Risk of Rain 2 limited edition vinyl set announced, now available for pre-order

Risk of Rain 2 limited edition vinyl set

Black Screen Records and Hopoo Games have announced a limited edition vinyl set for the indie game Risk of Rain 2.

The full soundtrack from composer Chris Christodoulou will be available on 180g ink-spot vinyl. The limited-edition set comes in a trifold sleeve with all-new original artwork illustrated by Italian artist Daniele Giardini.

The roguelike third-person shooter Risk of Rain 2 entered Steam Early Access on March 28, 2019 with over a million copies sold in just over a month. Risk of Rain 2 is also available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Meanwhile, the game’s next update on PC will have it graduate out of Steam Early Access. That update is planned for August 11.

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The limited-edition vinyl set is now available for pre-order on the Black Screen Records website. The expected ship date is late October 2020.


  • A01. Through a Cloud, Darkly (02:57)
  • A02. Risk of Rain 2 (05:17)
  • A03. Evapotranspiration (05:01)
  • A04. Thermodynamic Equilibrium (05:19)
  • B01. Terra Pluviam (07:40)
  • B02. Köppen As F**k (05:48)
  • B03. Disdrometer (06:52)
  • C01. Into the Doldrums (05:09)
  • C02. A Glacier Eventually Farts (And Don’t You Listen to the Song of Life) (05:04)
  • C03. Nocturnal Emission (04:52)
  • C04. The Dehydration of Risk of Rain 2 (04:59)
  • D01. Parjanya (02:56)
  • D02. Hydrophobia (02:47)
  • D03. Antarctic Oscillation (06:26)
  • D04. The Rain Formerly Known as Purple (07:57)
  • E01. The Raindrop that Fell to the Sky (11:17)
  • E02. You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Ukulele (04:57)
  • E03. …con lentitud poderosa (04:48)
  • F01. Petrichor V (11:27)
  • F02. Lacrimosum (03:30)


The Steam version of Risk of Rain 2 is on sale for $14.99. Plus, you can save an extra $3 with Humble Choice.