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Rita Repulsa is coming to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid tomorrow

Rita Repulsa Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

The most feared space witch is coming for her revenge, which she has craved for over 10,000 years.

After announcing the start of Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Season 4 and the debut of the legendary character Poisandra a little over a month ago, the season’s second anticipated character has arrived. Rita Repulsa, one of the most iconic characters in the Power Rangers franchise, makes her debut this month in Battle For The Grid, according to nWay.

Rita plots her takeover of Earth from her terrifying Moon Base, which has defied her attacks for millennia. Rita’s battle strategy emphasizes control over her Putty Patroller army as well as a dazzling assortment of diverse magical spells sure to throw her opponents off guard.

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More dynamic and fluid battles

You can notice nWay’s efforts to broaden the types of combat available in the game nowadays. Rita Repulsa, like the previous character, Poisandra, adds vitality to battles. We can combine extended combinations with the Putty Patrollers.

Rita Repulsa Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Battle mechanics such as Pinwheel Chaos, a rolling ball of devastating energy that begins at a distance and gradually moves closer to Rita, instantly putting opponents at a disadvantage by drawing them closer to her; the aforementioned Putty Patrollers, who mindlessly pursue, punch, and subdue opponents while Rita Repulsa attacks from a distance; and Royal Candle, an explosive attack that does great damage to opponents at short and medium distances, give this character great power.

Rita Repulsa will appear in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid as part of Season 4 on December 14, 2021. If you want to obtain the season pass, it costs $14.99, or you can buy the characters separately for $5.99 each.

Watch Rita Repulsa’s trailer down below!