River City Saga: Three Kingdoms pre-orders open at Playasia

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms pre-orders open at Playasia

An English version of River City Saga: Three Kingdoms is coming to PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The River City cast of characters is stepping onto the stage of the Three Kingdoms. The new game will tell the tale of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

“Watch the wacky and comedic action unfold as our hero Guan Yu (you may recognize him as Kunio) tries to survive the tumultuous times of the late Han dynasty,” Arc System Works says.

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“The rest of the cast make appearances as generals, tacticians, and more, giving the Three Kingdoms a River City twist. Enjoy a funny, action-packed take on famous historical events, from the Yellow Turban Rebellion to the Battle of Red Cliffs,” the company adds.

The gameplay focuses on the beat ‘em up action that the River City series is known for. Aside from battle, you can enjoy shopping in villages and cities or go sightseeing. In addition to single-player fun across ten stages with boss fights, the game inculdes a mode for up to four players to play locally online.

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms pre-orders are open now at Playasia. Those who pre-order the Asian console version will receive the OST CD for free while supplies last. The Asian version supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and English subtitles. The release date is July 21, 2022.