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Riverland Review

This has been sitting on my Palm for a about a month and I never do anything with it. Do I ever open the program up just to look at it? No. Do I have any interactivity with it? Nope. Is it a waste of space on my Clie? Again, surprisingly this time, no. I love Riverland.

Riverland is a screensaver for the Palm OS (Zodiac included). It comes with a 320×320 and 480×320 (Zodiac) version and is simply beautiful. The screen shows a house on a bluff overlooking the ocean and a lighthouse and everything on the screen moves in some way. It’s like looking at a cartoon version of a real setting somewhere in Maine. When the screensaver activates, it is set to correspond with real world time. For example, when the screensaver turns on at 11pm the screen will display a scene with a starry night and a party inside the house. Very nice. The most breathtaking scene is easily the morning fog that lasts from about 6am to 8am.

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The screensaver can be configured with the included SSManager. The amount of time it takes to display, the duration of the display, the amount of time that passes in comparison to real world time. Anything you want to do can be configured. One small problem I had, though. If Riverland is saved onto a memory card, SSManager wouldn’t recognize it for me. All I had to do though was move the screensaver back to my Palm, configure it, and then move it back to my Memory Stick.

Really, the only thing to be said about Riverland is that it is nothing short of gorgeous. Lately the Palm platform has been getting some good-looking titles and this, in my opinion, is the best of them. When somebody asks me what I can do with my Clie, Riverland almost always gets shown in his or her little demo. They’re always just as amazed as I was at first viewing. At only 4.95 it’s hard not to recommend a purchase. I would buy it just to show it off and for the “ooh, wow� factor. Highly recommended.

Written by Chris