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RoboCo Steam release date announced

RoboCo Steam release date announced

The robotics sandbox game RoboCo is leaving Steam Early Access. The full game now has a release date.

Filament Games has announced that it is officially launching RoboCo early next month. It’s a unique sandbox adventure with an engineering twist. The goal? Solve a campaign of challenges by building robots to help hapless humans.

RoboCo gives players complete freedom to build whatever they can imagine, to flex their creative and engineering muscles to create robots capable of solving humanity’s most pressing and urgent problems. Whether it’s building custom robots to deliver sandwiches or helping to make a romantic date night slightly less awkward, the challenge is not only building a robot that drives, grabs, or chops but one that does it well.

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Robots can be built with prefabricated constructs, or players wanting a more in-depth experience can create robots completely from scratch. Whether it’s tall, small, or shaped like a frog, there’s no limit to the creativity players can have. There may be some trial and error involved, but with a bit of problem-solving the robots will be rolling in no time, just not necessarily in a straight line. Advanced engineers can even use the powerful Python coding language to automate their robots’ actions while they kick back and relax. Players can even share their creations via the robot-sharing features in the community workshop.

The game is designed from the ground up to support both desktop and VR play. Players can seamlessly switch between both modes with the click of a button. Plus, Steam’s built-in community workshop features allow you to share your masterpieces with others or download robots for inspiration.

RoboCo is launching on PC via Steam on November 3. You can add it to your Steam wishlist.