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Roccat partners with Shellback Tech to help disabled veterans

Roccat Shellback Tech

Shellback Tech just announced a new partnership where Roccat will donate PC gaming accessories. Shellback Tech creates free customized gaming PCs for disabled veterans.

Iraq veteran Travis Peacock and his wife Brittani founded Shellback Tech in 2018. Shellback Tech creates customized, one-of-a-kind gaming and streaming PCs for disabled veterans and first responders in need. They donate them along with a monitor, desk, chair, and accessories at no cost.

Travis and Brittani at Shellback Tech work closely with each of the recipients chosen to understand their individual needs in order to create the PC gaming system best suited for them. Travis and Brittani started Shellback after gaming helped Travis recover from injuries sustained while deployed in Iraq. By the end of 2020, they will have created over 60 custom-built PCs, all donated to disabled veterans and first responders. This year’s remaining builds are powered with Roccat’s latest PC gaming peripherals.

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“As a disabled veteran, I know first-hand the impact injuries can have, and gaming has been a big help in not only my recovery but also to getting to where I’m at today,” Travis says. “Being able to meaningfully impact the lives of other fellow service members in a positive way by designing and building gaming PCs that help them, both in recovery and doing the work in their new careers, is enormously fulfilling. It is a genuine pleasure to be working with Turtle Beach and Roccat to make an even greater impact.”

A partnership to benefit disabled veterans

Through the new partnership, Roccat is donating its latest PC accessories – including the all-new Elo series gaming headsets, Vulcan keyboards, and Burst mice. This ensures that Shellback Tech’s forthcoming PC gaming battle stations come fully equipped with the latest PC gaming accessories. Turtle Beach owns Roccat.

“It’s an honor for us to support Shellback Tech’s fantastic mission to help our nation’s disabled veterans and first responders by creating and donating these amazing customized PCs for them,” said Juergen Stark, chairman and CEO of Turtle Beach. “Gaming has the ability to help people recover more quickly from injuries sustained during service, so we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with Travis and Brittani. They are doing great work and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

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