Rock Band Blitz Bringing Instrument-Free Gameplay to PSN, Xbox Live

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Harmonix has announced a new title in the Rock Band franchise called Rock Band Blitz, a downloadable title for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network that brings the excitement of a full band experience into your hands. Well, sort of… minus the excitement part. The game is designed for use with a standard controller with no instrument peripherals required. Nothing sounds more appealing than the already tired concept of fake plastic instruments being replaced by even more mundane standard controllers.

Rock Band Blitz is a new way to experience your favorite Rock Band songs, with fast-paced, multi-track arcade gameplay that encourages you to compete against your friends for the highest scores. It features over 20 tracks new to the Rock Band franchise, including Blink-182’s “Always,” Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks,” and Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health (Bang Your Head).”

Rock Band Blitz is also compatible with most of your existing Rock Band Music Library, including all content from the Rock Band Music Store, as well as tracks exported from Rock Band, Rock Band 2, and more. As a bonus, all of the tracks that come with Rock Band Blitz are immediately playable in Rock Band 3 at no extra charge, so you can get the band back together and play Rock Band Blitz’s 20-plus new tracks in Harmonix’s full-band experience.