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Rocksmith+ subscription service will launch with more than 5,000 songs

Rocksmith+ will launch with more than 5,000 songs

Rocksmith+ launches next month on PC.

Ubisoft is converting its popular Rocksmith franchise into a paid subscription service. The music-learning software teaches players how to play acoustic, bass, and electric guitar with their favorite songs.

The subscription service will run on computers with Windows 10. So you can play on an old laptop. It will also be available on mobile later this year, allowing you to take your sessions on the go.

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The subscription includes a library of more than 5,000 songs. You’ll learn how to play guitar through master recordings of songs from Sony Music, Universal and more.

The game features music from countries all around the world across a variety of genres such as rock ‘n roll, metal, pop, Latin, and hip-hop. Ubisoft says that players can expect new songs added each week from artists such as The Clash, Juan Gabriel, Alicia Keys, Santana, and more.

“Rocksmith+ introduces the free Rocksmith+ Connect app, a phone-as-a-mic feature on iOS and Android that will let players follow along to Rocksmith+ on PC. The app works with acoustic instruments or electric instruments played through an amp or the Rocksmith Real Tone cable, sold separately. Players will benefit from Rocksmith+’s note detection and real-time feedback without the need for any peripherals,” Ubisoft says.

Rocksmith+ will launch for Windows PC exclusively through the Ubisoft Store on September 6. A one-month subscription to Rocksmith+ will cost $14.99. A three-month subscription will cost $39.99 and a 12-month annual subscription will cost $99.99.