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Rogue Company ‘Arms Dealer’ update now live, 20 million player milestone reached

Rogue Company

Today, First Watch Games released the Arms Dealer Update for its third-person free-to-play shooter Rogue Company. They also announced that the game now has over 20 million players worldwide on all major platforms.

All players can report for duty as Rogue Company‘s new update and the latest event is live starting today. Here’s more on what you can expect!

Arms Dealer

In the Arms Dealer event, all players can select a mission to take on during matches. Missions unlock shipments of cosmetic items for free, such as profile banners, emotes, weapon wraps, and more.

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In addition, exclusive missions and shipments can be unlocked with Rogue Bucks. They give access to even more prestigious rewards, such as Gl1tch’s new outfit: Neon Override.

The most elite players will also get their hands on the Special Reserve – the Combat Medic Outfit for Saint, awarded for completing every mission.

Rooftops Map

High atop the Paradise Hotel sits the brand-new map: Rooftops. Enjoy the vista but don’t let it divert you from the mission.

Rogues can now dive into intense close-quarter battles on this Map specifically designed for Skirmish combat in 2v2, such as the popular Limited-Time Mode Wingman.

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