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Rogue Company is now available on Steam

Rogue Company on Steam

After accumulating 20 million players across all platforms, Rogue Company its way all over to Steam!

First Watch Games and Hi-Rez announces that Rogue Company, their popular free-to-play team shooter, is now available on Steam. Already available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC through the Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch, The game is an ever-changing, fast-paced team shooter in which players select one of 20 imaginatively designed heroes nicknamed ‘Rogues’ and fight them across a bunch of different objective-based team game modes—up to 6 vs 6.

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Cross-play and Cross-progression

Rogue Company supports cross-play and cross-progression across all versions of the game. This implies that console gamers may play with their PC pals, and that all stats, skins, and character growth are persistent regardless of whatever platform players choose to play on.

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This flexibility for fans to play anywhere and whenever they choose is only one of the many reasons why Rogue Company has collected over 20 million players to date across all platforms, and Hi-Rez anticipates today’s Steam launch will allow player population to expand further.

”Rogue Company has gone from strength to strength since launching last October with a growing player population and regular free updates to keep players excited and engaged” says Bart Koenigsberg, Brand Director at First Watch Games.

“The Steam launch is the next step in the game’s ambition to be available on every platform (that makes sense) with full crossplay and cross-progression support, offering players maximum freedom to play whenever and wherever they want.” He added.

First Watch Games makes the link between accounts easy for active and new players. You can link your different platform accounts here.

Steam Players can unlock Battle Pass 2 for Free!

As an added incentive for Steam users to join, anybody who plays Rogue Company through Steam will receive Season 2 of the Battle Pass for free! This deal is part of Steam’s Hi-Rez Publisher Weekend sale, which includes free stuff for the popular action MOBA SMITE and fantasy shooter Paladins.

Rogue Company is now available for purchase on Steam. If you want to get your hands on the game and take advantage of free offers and stuff, click here!

Have you seen the Rogue Company trailer? Check it down below

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