Rogue Company Season 4 starts today with the arrival of the Sinister Shadows update

Rogue Company Season Four

A new season always comes with a new season pass full of content for Rogue Company lovers.

Hi-Rez Studios announced today that the fourth season of Rogue Company has arrived. Following a successful Season 3 centered around Japanese culture – which concluded with the release of Cannon – the Hi-Rez team is introducing a new season to the game. It comes complete with a new season pass, map, and ranked season.

Season Pass 4

A new season means a new battle pass. And without a doubt, the Season 4 battle pass includes a ton of new content for those who buy it and achieve level 50 in-game.

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Players will instantly obtain Nemesis Dahlia upon acquiring the battle pass, and as they advance through the stages, they will gain additional prizes, including different in-game skins, Reputation, Rogue Bucks, and the Dark Huntsman skins from Dallas, and Vulcan Forged from Anvil. The finest part, though, is the reward that awaits us at level 50: the Plague Witch Kestrel.

In addition, we may receive additional skins for our hoverboards and the electric Tesla Strike, the season 4’s new Mythic Weapon.


The new ‘Wanted’ Map sends players on a trip to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. As Rogue Company takes on a new contract, this peninsula is experiencing fierce gunfights. Long ago, these vibrant streets were also the setting for Chaac’s genesis narrative.

A new fan-requested limited-time game mode is available only for the new Wanted map, in addition to the new map.

New ranked season

In addition to its dynamic and agile gameplay, Rogue Company has distinguished itself among games in the genre with its Ranked system, which kicks off a new season today following the customary reset that occurs at the start of each season.

Now is the ideal moment for new members to get a taste of Rogue Company combat in its most competitive environment. Following the reset, participants will be placed in the same pool when seeking for matchups in the qualifying games, regardless of their previous season’s standings.

The Season 4 Starter Pack, a new high-value package, allows you to enter into the next phase of high-level Rogue Company action. This bundle, which includes the Data Stream Gl1tch Outfit, also includes a themed ‘Circuit Breaker’ Weapon Wrap and 300 Rogue Bucks.

Rogue Company is available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The new season 4 and battlepass were published on all platforms at the same time.

Watch the trailer of the Season Pass 4 down below!

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