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Rogue Company Season Two kicks off today with new rogue, map, Battle Pass

Rogue Company Season Two

Today, First Watch Games kicks off Season Two of Rogue Company with an infusion of content. Expect a new rogue (Mack), a new map, and Battle Pass.

Mack is out now as Rogue Company’s newest playable character. Mack counts among the leaders of Justicar, the top-level international law enforcement organization. He is an incorruptible, unstoppable force determined to uphold justice.

Rogue Company Mack

Mack carries the aptly named Objection and Conviction guns, with the latter gaining accuracy in case of sustained fire – a new technology in Rogue Company. Mack is not afraid to get up close and personal when he needs to, which is why he wields a massive Claymore harkening back to his home in the Scottish isles.

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He is unlocked for free just by playing matches.

New Map: Breach

A top-of-the-line training facility that has succumbed to a surprise attack, Breach is the all-new Rogue Company map.

New Battle Pass: Season Two

Incarcerated by Mack, Ronin is already planning her escape. Her ‘Prisoner 625’ Outfit headlines the Season Two Battle Pass. Three more Outfits await along with dozens of other items including some for free. Rogue Company’s Battle Passes progress just by playing.

This update also introduces daily login rewards plus seasonal contracts, while more skins are available to be earned via Reputation. That means a lot more free content to enjoy for all, simply by playing Rogue Company.


Over 20 million players have already dived into the free-to-play tactical action shooter since its open beta launch last July. It is playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the cinematic trailer below!