Rogue Company’s major core gameplay upgrade, Covert Ops Battle Pass out now

Rogue Company's major core gameplay upgrade, Covert Ops Battle Pass now live

Hi-Rez Studios has updated Rogue Company with a major core gameplay update.

Today Rogue Company introduced the Covert Ops Update, named after the new Battle Pass full of tactical gear and including four Rogue Outfits. Gameplay-wise, players get to experience their favorite characters with a fresh twist, as new core mechanics make all Rogues more distinct.

“Rogues now have both a Speed value and a Toughness one. This new feature widens the existing gap between the nimble-but-fragile Rogues and the sturdy-but-slow ones,” Hi-Rez Studios says.

Perks Enhanced

In addition to the Speed-Toughness feature, new efficiency levels for perks were introduced today, reaffirming even further each rogue’s gameplay individuality and allowing players to make more meaningful decisions.

“Until today, in Rogue Company each character had their own selection of Perks to choose from in the in-game shop, but each Perk was always the same. Now they are either Rare, Epic, or Legendary, with a corresponding increase in efficiency,” the company says.

Prices rise too, so players have to earn those shiny improved Perks by standing out in the field. As each Legendary Perk is only available to a couple of Rogues, characters feel even more specialized – and more lethal too as a result.

Entirely new were also added, such as ‘Volatile’ for increased damage over time and ‘Energized’ for players who want to boost their ability recharge rate. Many new interactions and combinations are waiting to be discovered.

Battle Pass: Covert Ops

Rogue Company has gone full MIL-SPEC tactical with the Covert Ops Battle Pass, its most realistic theme yet. Four Rogue Outfits and dozens of rewards spread across 50 levels and can be earned just by playing.

The Reaper Outfit for Saint is an instant reward when players purchase the Battle Pass, while Ronin as Shadow Spectre, the ultimate operative, can be unlocked through progression.

Fans of the Conviction LMG will get to gear up with the Major Danger Mythic Wrap, while the Blood Work Animated Hoverboard will ensure players make a sanguine entrance on the battleground.

Watch the new trailer below!

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