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Roogoo Ships for Wii and DS

SouthPeak Games today announced the release of two new additions to the growing family of their addicting, fast-paced Roogoo series: Roogoo Twisted Towers for Wii and Roogoo Attack! for Nintendo DS. The latest games provide fun for the entire family as only quick reflexes and thinking can save Planet Roo from the vicious Prince Moo and his wicked Meemoo followers.

Roogoo Twisted Towers and Roogoo Attack! follow the delightfully endearing Roogoos through colorful (and Meemoo infested) worlds as they fight to save Planet Roo. Using the world-saving power of meteor shapes, players must rotate platforms in myriads of different formations all the while strategizing on the fly and collecting quick-falling shapes. Players will get hooked on the invigorating gameplay that requires fast thinking, determination and grit; leaving players craving more action and adventure after each level. As an added bonus, the Wii and Nintendo DS versions can wirelessly connect and unlock 20 bonus levels within each title!

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