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Rovio confirms Angry Birds issues on Facebook

Last week, we reported how a number of users had experienced an Angry Birds outage on Facebook. Given that at least one user reported spending money on in-game content, we reached out to Rovio for comment. They have confirmed that the game is indeed having issues with certain browsers.

“I would like to let you know that currently, the game does not seem to load on several browsers, such as Firefox and Microsoft Edge,” Rovio said in response to our inquiry.

The company says that it has not “made any changes to the game or the services on our end” and that they “have been working with Facebook to figure out what has been changed.”

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“As [Facebook] assured us they did not make any changes either, it seems that the browser developers might have blocked all Flash content that has been embedded from outside of the current page. This is something we cannot change from our end,” Rovio says.

Rovio recommends that players try playing the game on a different browser. They say that “most players report that the game works on Internet Explorer, Opera, and Facebook Gameroom.”

There’s also the option to download Angry Birds Friends, which is now available on Windows PC. It’s free via the Microsoft Store.

For fans who prefer to play on their phone, the downloadable versions of Angry Birds on Android and iOS devices are recommended. You can find them in the App Store and Google Play for free.