Rubber Bandits is a multiplayer party brawler coming to PC and consoles

Rubber Bandits

Rubber Bandits has you compete in a hilarious physics-based up-to-four-players brawler that takes the main idea of games like Human Fall Flat and tries to build upon it.

Flashbulb Games, a development firm comprised of veterans from companies such as Square Enix, Rare, and CCP Games, announced today that the physics-based multiplayer party brawler, Rubber Bandits, will be released in December.

Rubber Bandits, with its ludicrous settings and gameplay, allows up to four people to play together in a number of game modes, with complete crossplay between platforms. When the action begins, each robber is on his or her own!

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Three different brawl game modes

This insane brawler has three major game modes: Heist mode, Brawl mode, and Arcade mode. In Heist mode, you must escape with the most treasure, Brawl mode requires you to knock everyone out and be the last one standing, and Arcade mode requires you to play solo or co-op against the AI to reach the finish.

All of these modes of play will be available in online and local multiplayer over 25 stages situated in places such as a bank, museum, airport, and others. Rubber Bandits maintains high levels of entertainment and hilarity with its characters and disguises, regardless of how you choose to play.

A strong competitor to the genre arrives

Although titles like Human Fall Flat popularized this type of video game, Rubber Bandits aims to improve on every key feature in order to become the game of choice for lovers of the genre. This forthcoming Flashbulb Games release provides numerous ways to unleash non-stop mayhem as characters are hurled, lit on fire, tossed, and crushed using power-ups and every sort of weapon conceivable, from baguettes and chairs to rockets and swords.

Rubber Bandits will be released on December 2 on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The game is now available to wishlist on Steam.

Watch the trailer here on Game Freaks 365!

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