Ruins Magus
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Ruins Magus gameplay teased in new trailer

Ruins Magus

The ambitious VR role-playing adventure Ruins Magus has a new gameplay teaser.

Ruins Magus was just featured in the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. To mark the occasion, Mastiff released a brand new gameplay teaser today that highlights both the action and narrative elements that await players in this upcoming VR RPG.

As we’ve previously mentioned, Ruins Magus has you play as a magical arts novice dispatched to examine the abandoned ruins under the bustling metropolis of Grand Amnis. The prosperity of the city is mainly reliant on items concealed deep within the ruins and guarded by formidable guardians.

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The beautiful, anime-inspired JRPG world is brought to life through immersive VR mechanics and controls that are tuned for Meta Quest. Players can also expect an engrossing narrative, heartwarming musical score, challenging dungeons, and acclaimed Japanese voice actors.

Ruins Magus launches in summer 2022 on Meta Quest / Oculus Quest and PC via Steam. You can already wishlist the game on Steam.

Watch the new gameplay teaser below!