Ruins Magus is coming to Meta Quest and Steam

Ruins Magus

Ruins Magus is an ambitious VR role-playing adventure.

CharacterBank in conjunction with Mastiff announced today that their new fantasy RPG VR game, Ruins Magus, will be released in the spring of this year.

This new title appears to bring an RPG experience that will make VR gamers and RPG enthusiasts’ jaws drop at the sight of something never seen in VR before.

A dark fantasy adventure

In Ruins Magus, you will play as a magical arts novice dispatched to examine the abandoned ruins under the bustling metropolis of Grand Amnis. The prosperity of the city is mainly reliant on items concealed deep within the ruins and guarded by formidable guardians.

As a member of the illustrious Ruins Mages Guild, your mission is to fortify it with magic, resources, and wisdom. All while completing over 25 distinct, story-driven objectives handed to you. Take on the role of the guardians tasked with keeping the ruins safe from invaders and solve deadly riddles to advance the plot.

Ruins Magus

An RPG that seeks to revolutionize the genre in VR

Ruins Magus aims to reinvent the action RPG genre, bringing to life a stunning anime-inspired fantasy setting with immersive VR mechanics and precisely calibrated Oculus Touch controls. Players can use their right hand to cast spells with a gauntlet, their left hand to protect with a shield, or their blink to move rapidly.

Furthermore, Ruins Magus has an engaging narrative, a moving musical composition, and well-known Japanese voice actors that give dimension to the action, making it a genuinely amazing experience.

Ruins Magus launches in spring 2022 on Meta Quest/Oculus Quest and Steam.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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