Rumor: Castlevania Finally Coming to 3DS?

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According to a new rumor from Dutch site N1ntendo, Konami will reveal Castlevania: Mirror of Fate for the Nintendo 3DS at this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3).

The original report has since been removed from the site on behalf of Konami, before being reposted on terms of being worded as “further proof” of the game’s existence.

The only “proof” that anyone could really be going on is the domain registration of sites called “” and “”. Other than that, Castlevania 3DS has been nothing but a pipe dream to fans of the series, which has enjoyed three critically-acclaimed installments on both the original DS and the Game Boy Advance.

David Cox and Enric Alvarez, producer and director/writer (respectively) of Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, appear to be involved with the project as well. Could this mean that the 3DS Castlevania title might incorporate similar gameplay from the latest console installment, or will the next handheld title follow in its predecessors’ footsteps, delivering 2D Metroid-style action?

Only time will tell. Keep your eyes peeled for more about Konami’s latest handheld Castlevania as E3 rolls around in the coming weeks.