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As promised before, we have stumbled upon some new rumors about EA’s Dead Space 3 – following confirmation yesterday that a new Dead Space game is in the works.

Sources close to IGN have plenty to say about the third installment, from the gameplay to the plot, new features and improved mechanics.

Apparently, Visceral Games’ third Dead Space will feature another character that teams up with series protagonist Isaac Clarke, now struggling to maintain his mental stability. Together the two must work to battle the necromorphs, explore the terrifying environments, and solve the various puzzles scattered throughout the game.

The second character is detailed as “man with a gnarly scar on his face”, equipped with the same engineering RIG that Clarke used to survive in the first two Dead Space titles. Additionally he has “glowing red eyes”, and could end up being the previously-rumored “Shadow Isaac” character. Of course, if that’s the case, you would think that “working together” wouldn’t be part of the equation, unless Isaac’s psyche has completely torn in half and he is working with a split personality.

Isaac’s story will reportedly change to accommodate the second player; certain events won’t occur when another player is present, for example. On the other hand, some gameplay mechanics have been adjusted with the co-op gameplay in mind; the duo can trade ammo and heal each other, in addition to using their telekinesis and stasis abilities in tandem.

More details have been hinted: alternate fire modes have been added to each weapon, which should add a lot of variety to your methods of dismembering the necromorphs. For example, the plasma cutter will now fire a push-back wave instead of a vertical shot, and the Pulse Rifle can shoot deadly saw blades. Even Isaac’s basic movement has been improved; the rumors mention the ability to crouch and take cover behind certain objects, in addition to a dive-roll ability.

That last feature is particularly interesting; having the ability to roll around the environment might really change the pace of the game, hopefully not moving too far away from the tension that made the first two Dead Space games so fantastic.

Finally, the rumors indicate that enemies will include human characters this time around – in addition to the Nercomorphs, of course. This means that Isaac will have to take on heavily-armored soldiers, leading me to believe that his mental status goes far out of control by the end of the third installment.

All of this is pretty interesting, not to mention the fact that Dead Space 3 is rumored to place on the snowy planet Tau Volantis, rather than the desolate quarters of an abandoned space station.

What changes are in store for EA’s horror franchise? Only time will tell – and as promised, Game Freaks 365 will keep you up to date with everything we know about Dead Space 3. Let us know what you think in the meantime.

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