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Check it out: the South African retailer BT Games has begun accepting pre-orders for the unannounced Dead Space 3. At first glance, this may not sound like big news, but you might be surprised.

Known for prior outings of game titles and content (God of War IV, Jak and Daxter HD Collection, Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer content), BT Games had originally listed the third Dead Space game online before altering the product page to read “the latest release in the Dead Space franchise.”

Though it seems highly likely that EA will move forward with its Dead Space franchise (which has all but stolen the survival-horror crown from Resident Evil and Capcom) there has been no official statement to confirm or deny the existence of Dead Space 3. In fact, the only details we really have right now are bleak: there is the leaked artwork from an Israeli news show, which popped up last September, and more recently there were reports from Siliconera that claimed to reveal key plot points from Dead Space 3.

Apparently, according to that report, Dead Space 3 will ditch the series’ isolated space station settings in favor of the ice planet “Tau Volantis”. Protagonist Isaac Clark has a warrant out for his arrest (likely due to the events of Dead Space 2) and reluctantly accepts a rescue mission on the frigid planet.

Finally, reports claim that the psychological effects of the first games may finally be taking their full effects on Isaac in Dead Space 3: reportedly the protagonist will have a split personality, in addition to being pursued and taunted by “Shadow Isaac”.

Hrm…sounds like a little bit of Dead Space, a little bit of Lost Planet, and even a little bit of Metroid Fusion. What are your thoughts? Do you think this retailer has unofficially outed Dead Space 3?

Here’s my guess: we’ll know very soon, no later than E3. Stay tuned for more Dead Space 3 news on Game Freaks 365.

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