Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Coming October 2012?

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Rockstar has been very slow to reveal details about its upcoming title, Grand Theft Auto V. Besides the initial teaser, the developer has kept a close watch over what we know and what we don’t, doing a great job to keep the gaming community in the dark. They may have slipped up a bit, however – rumors suggest that the game will still be coming in 2012, specifically October.

According to, “The rumor originated from the Curriculum Vitae of an animator who accidentally left GTA 5 as one of his involved projects which INCLUDES the release date of said game.”

As always, until Rockstar officially announces something, I would take this piece of information with a grain of salt. That being said, October actually seems likely; personally, I have been predicting a September/October 2012 launch since the game was announced; fall seems like the perfect time to return to San Andreas.

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