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Rumor: PlayStation 4 to Support 4K Resolution

Not a lot of information has leaked about Sony’s next-generation platform, codenamed Orbis, which we will call PlayStation 4. A new report from consumer electronic news site BGR purports that the system will feature 4K resolution. 4K resolution has a 4096×3072 displays versus the 1920×1080 display that comes with 1080p. The current-generation PlayStation 3 only supports 1080p output.

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Sony has pushed 3D televisions hard without much success, including the implementation of stereoscopic 3D gaming on the PS3 platform. The company apparently feels that 4K resolution is the future of the industry. It will double the clarity of 1080p. Sony hopes that PS4 will do the same for 4K that PS3 did for the Blu-ray format.