Saints Row IV crossplay is coming to PC and all copies are getting upgraded to Re-Elected

Saints Row IV crossplay

Deep Silver has a Christmas gift for Saints Row IV players on PC.

If you thought that Volition was done with Saints Row IV, well, you were wrong. The game is almost a decade old now, but they are still keeping it active with new updates. The latest update adds Saints Row IV crossplay on PC.

In a post on Steam, they announced that they are “thrilled to let you know that crossplay on PC will become available with players on Epic Games and GOG. So you can create mayhem with a friend on another launcher!” The post makes no mention of crossplay with consoles.

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Saints Row IV Re-Elected Upgrade

In addition, Deep Silver says that they are upgrading players who own Saints Row IV to Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. They note that “this includes Saints Row IV: Game of The Century Edition.”

“All other versions and separate DLC will be removed from sale as of December 8th and will no longer be useable. All of your saves and achievements will be moved over so you can still play as you always have. Mods should not be affected,” the publisher says. “This change will go live for Windows players on December 8 and later for Linux players.”

Players who own Saints Row IV will now have access to the included DLC packs from Re-Elected:

Mission DLC

  • Enter the Dominatrix
  • How the Saints Save Christmas

Outfit and Weapon DLC

  • Anime Pack
  • Bling Bling Pack
  • Brady Games Pack
  • Child’s Play Pack
  • College Daze Pack
  • Commander-in-Chief Pack
  • Dubstep Remix Pack
  • Element of Destruction Pack
  • Executive Privilege Pack
  • Game On Pack
  • Gamestop Weapon Contest Pack
  • GAT V Pack
  • Grass Roots Pack
  • Hey Ash Whatcha Playin? Pack
  • Pirate’s Booty Pack
  • Presidential Pack
  • Reverse Cosplay Pack
  • Stone Age Pack
  • Thank You Pack
  • The Rectifier
  • The Super Saints Pack
  • Volition Comics Pack
  • Wild West Pack
  • Zinyak Attack Pack

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