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Sam and Max Celebrate Christmas Early

What do a straight-laced dog in a baggy suit, a gun-toting rabbity-thing, and Santa Claus have in common? No, they’re not imaginary—they’re the stars of Ice Station Santa, the premiere episode of the acclaimed Sam and Max game series’ second season. Ice Station Santa is available today for GameTap subscribers and will follow tomorrow with a worldwide release from www.telltalegames.com.

As in a television sitcom, the season premiere kicks off a brand new story arc, enabling new audiences to dive right in along with returning fans. Ice Station Santa finds jolly old Saint Nick a bit off his rocker, terrorizing the elves and sending out presents that range from disappointing to downright dangerous. The future of Christmas hangs in the balance like a hand grenade perched on the shaky bough of a Douglas fir, and it’s up to Sam and Max to set things straight.

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