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Sam and Max: Reality 2.0 Review

Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games
Release Date: March 29, 2007 Also On: None

This is my second entrance into the world of Sam and Max. As fun as it is to play, not much has changed from Abe Lincoln Must Die to Reality 2.0. They still have the same neighbors and visit a lot of the same places, just now their sights are set on bigger adversaries: the Internet. That’s right; this time around your favorite animal detectives get to spoof all of our favorite video game clichés such as floating gold coins and half-elves.

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If you follow our reviews of the series, then you should probably know that the game takes a hit in the music department, as the score just isn’t as inspiring as compared to the past episode. It’s still good though. The only other complaint I have is that it doesn’t relate to the previous episode much. Max manages to still be president, controlling an army of robotic warriors.

The puzzles are much better this time around both in quantity and quality. The first few puzzles literally solve themselves, but they have more of a relation to the end of the game. Unfortunately, the game ends all to soon and it is not as funny as Abe Lincoln Must Die either. The game is all about the hilarious gags and great voice acting (except for the annoying bunny). Keep an eye peeled for jokes placed in the backgrounds and you will end up having a great time with yet another good point-and-click adventure from the guys over at Telltale Games.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 8.5
Creativity: 8.5
Replay Value/Game Length: 7
Final: 8
Written by Matt Marzin Review Guide