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Sam and Max Season 2 Coming to Retail on PC and Wii

Atari and Telltale today announced a new partnership to bring Sam and Max to retail stores worldwide with PC and Wii versions of the duo’s most recent escapades, Sam and Max Season Two. Everyone’s favorite freelance police are back for more of the surreal stories and offbeat laughs that make the Sam and Max games series one-of-a-kind. Currently available as episodic downloads for PC only, publisher Atari is bringing Sam and Max Season Two to retailers worldwide for PC and Wii in 2009.

Sam and Max are on the job again in the critically acclaimed Sam and Max Season Two brimming with crime-fighting adventure and chaos. Structured like a TV season, each of the five episodes has its own self-contained plot while together they form part of a season-long mystery. Like the best TV series, Sam and Max Season Two draws the player in with great characters and multiple intertwined plot lines, building to a high stakes climax in the season finale.

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The crazed journey begins with a giant robot attack and never lets up, taking the crime-fighters on a series of wild missions boasting twisted storylines and engaging gameplay with their own unique brand of justice that takes them from frozen arctic regions to the fiery opposite end of the spectrum.

As with DVD box sets of popular TV series, bringing the game to retail lets its creators reach a new audience of gamers who otherwise might have led a life deprived of the joy only Sam and Max can bring. Sam and Max Season Two for Wii and PC is the first time this release has been localized, with full French and German versions available on the disk along with Spanish and Italian subtitles, so international fans can enjoy the fun in their mother tongue.