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Samudra launches today on Steam


Immerse yourself in a story about pollution and climate change in Samudra.

Today indie developer and publisher Khayalan Arts revealed that Samudra is available now on PC via Steam. The game will immerse you in a fascinating underwater journey while simultaneously delivering an environmental message to those who are unaware of the damage pollution is having on our seas.

Embark on a journey through the ocean floor

In the not-too-distant future, Samudra’s planet will be entirely submerged by a poisonous flood produced by climate change. The majority of creatures have gone extinct, resources are limited, and there are only a few safe havens left on the surface.

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The narrative of Samudra is conveyed without speech. The images, mood, animals, and noises of the deep hold a message that we must all hear if we are to survive on this planet: polluting the world’s seas would not only drastically alter life as we know it, but may even end it.

El Lim, founder and head developer at indie dev Khayalan Arts, had this to say about the launch:

Samudra was created as our contribution to the environmental activist movement in Jakarta and the world at large. Our goal is to bring together gamers and activists to promote a more manageable way of life – which includes drastically reducing plastic usage in Indonesia. Samudra is a game first – but its underwater worlds invite curiosity, the chase sequences quicken the pulse, and the story is full of memorable moments. At the end of the day, we hope that Samudra effectively conveys the importance of mindful living and a greater awareness of the dangers of polluting the oceans.

Samudra is now available only on PC via Steam with a 25% off discount until October 6.

Watch the launch trailer of the game down below!