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Sanabi’s prologue arrives some time before the Early Access


This exhilaratingly stylish dystopian action-platformer is the perfect game for those who love 2D platformers with incredible mechanics.

The prologue of Sanabi, Wonder Potion’s quick and dynamic action platformer set in a dystopian environment, is now available on the game’s Steam page, thanks to a collaboration with Neowiz. A prologue in which we can get a taste of the game by playing Sanabi’s first scenarios.

In Sanabi, you take on the role of a famed retired military veteran who uses his unique prosthetic arm to leap over cliffs and buildings, dodge gunshots and traps, and kill formidable foes.

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You are given one last mission in the game: to ascend a mega-city dominated by a corrupt organization. Your goal is to track down a mystery entity known only as “SANABI” and learn about business secrets hidden deep within the metropolis.

Prologue and new trailer.


Sanabi’s prologue depicts the game’s first scenarios, in which the tale is presented in a compelling manner. The most important aspect of this prologue is that it allows us to finally test the game’s movement and attack mechanics, which Wonder Potion is very pleased of. The Prologue will be available until 2022, when the game will be released on Steam Early Access.

In addition, Wonder Potion has released a new gameplay trailer featuring Sanabi’s story and incredible backstory, which were initially unveiled during the second closed beta. Mago City’s business district is from Chapter 2 of the game and proves to be eye-catching.

Sanabi’s prologue is available on PC via Steam.

Watch the new trailer of Sanabi down below.