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We’ve been reporting on the Wii’s success a lot lately with sales showing the system quickly gaining on the Xbox 360 in its first couple months in stores and already eclipsing the PlayStation 3. Perhaps that’s why Vivendi Games is reconsidering its support for Wii. “Despite rumors of a Wii Grand Theft Auto, the highest-profile adult actioner on the platform’s horizon was The Godfather: The Blackhand Edition. Now, though, it appears the adaptation of the 1972 epic will be joined by the game version of another crime-cinema classic. The cover of this month’s British Nintendo magazine N-Gamer clearly shows that Vivendi Games is bringing Scarface: The World is Yours to the Wii,” a GameSpot article says.

According to the article, the Wii will use its unique control scheme to better replicate shooting. Like Red Steel, gamers will point the Wiimote at the screen as if they are holding a gun with a reticule used to target enemies. The Wiimote will also be used as a chainsaw, one of the more popular scenes from the hit movie. Perhaps this is a sign that the Wii may not follow the “kiddy” trend of GameCube. It’s also interesting to note that earlier last year Vivendi canceled a version of Scarface on the Xbox 360, making Wii the only next-gen system for this best-selling game of October 2006 to appear on.

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