Sci-fi survival game Icarus has a new release date

Icarus release date

Originally scheduled to launch in August, Icarus is now coming out next month.

RocketWerkz announced today that Icarus, a session-based sci-fi survival game, will be released on December 4 for PC via Steam. The launch follows a delay from its planned release date.

A justified delay that will result in a better game

The studio based in New Zealand has offered a series of beta weekends for players who pre-ordered Icarus, in the form of a test of the game, in order to repair issues and make improvements to the game before the game’s official release.

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The game is a session-based survival game for up to eight co-op players, in which players are placed upon the terraformed planet of Icarus. Players begin with nothing and drop to the planet for missions that might last anywhere from hours to weeks before returning to orbit to advance their character and technology for the next drop.

Icarus has hand-crafted maps, three biomes, online multiplayer, two tech trees, a character attribute system, weather events, and destructible buildings in a near-future setting; all developed on the Unreal Engine 4 game engine, pushing it to the limit while maintaining flawless game performance to ensure a very good playable experience.

Despite only launching a beta of the game in August for those who paid for pre-orders, the beta became the best-selling game on Steam during its first beta weekend and has had over 200,000 pre-orders and beta test players, as well as being among the top 10 most wanted games on Steam since August 2021.

Icarus is now available for pre-order on PC via Steam, with a final beta weekend on November 20-21 before its December 4 release.

Watch the Icarus gameplay trailer down below!

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