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Scottish Games Week announces keynote speakers Graeme Devine and Houston Howard

Scottish Games Week announces keynote speakers Graeme Devine and Houston Howard

The first two keynote speakers were just announced for the first ever Scottish Games Week.

Industry leader and former id Software designer Graeme Devine and leading transmedia author Houston Howard are the Scottish Games Week keynote speakers. Howard is the author of You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Story: The 21st Century Survival Guide To Not Just Telling Stories, But Building Super Stories.

Occurring between October 24th and 28th, Scottish Games Week was created to highlight the importance of games to the economy of Scotland. An array of events will take place across the country, highlighting the valuable and boundary-pushing work game developers are achieving – from larger studios to small indie developers.

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Events are confirmed to be taking place in hubs such as Dundee, Glasgow, and Edinburgh as well as satellite events set to take place in the Highlands and Scottish Borders. Each event focuses on a key pillar of the industry in Scotland.

“I’m really looking forward to presenting at Scottish Games Week!” says Graeme Devine, formerly of id Software and one of the key designers behind the seminal game Quake 3. “Scotland has a long history of being a creative engine for the world and being able to return to encourage that endeavor is extremely humbling and exciting.”

“There is so much opportunity, so many channels, and such an endless amount of tools for artists to launch and scale IP that I’m convinced that this is the most exciting time to be a creator since the invention of the printing press. It’s great to see Scottish Games Week is highlighting this,” adds Houston Howard.

Early bird tickets are now on sale for the week-long event. Tickets are on sale now via Citizen Ticket. The early bird discounted tickets are available until Friday, September 2.