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Sea Life Safari Review

Developer: Wild Tangent Publisher: Wild Tangent
Release Date: June 18, 2008 Available On: Xbox 360

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I personally believe there can be no bad idea to base a video game on. Video games can provide us with experiences no other medium is able to deliver, so I am all for venturing off the beaten path. But if you are indeed going to do something different, make it so that people will actually want to play it. Take Sea Life Safari for example. A game about taking pictures of underwater life is not very exciting. One would think the guys over at Wild Tangent knew this and would attempt to deliver something with a bit more meat on its legs, but I guess that memo never made it past the copy room.

As previously stated, Sea Life Safari put you in the shoes of a underwater photographer who is tasked with taking photos of various fish, creatures, and anything else of interest you come across. You travel on a set path and must be aware of all the sea life that passes you by, so that you can take the best photo as possible. You can throw gizmos at the sea life to make them react a certain way, which if caught on camera will usually yield a better rating for the photo. There are a total of 5 levels to explore, which are unlocked by getting higher ratings on your photos.

The various underwater creatures are actually presented with a good amount of detail. But it seems that everything else about the game was given the short end of the stick, which is a shame. Perhaps if the underwater environments looked more interesting, I would be more enticed to explore them. Maybe if the game offered more extras like real life information about what I’m taking pictures of, I would want to take better pictures of everything around me. There seems to be lots of minor things that could have been added to the game that would have made it more appealing. As it stands however, if you are expecting a true underwater diving experience here, Sea Life Safari will sorely disappoint you.

Graphics: 6
Sound: 2
Gameplay: 2
Creativity: 2
Replay Value/Game Length: 3
Final: 3 out of 10
Written by Matthew Cales Write a User Review