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Search for Hidden Treasure at Disney w/ Nintendo DS

Gold doubloons have lost their luster as Nintendo DS owners search for a different kind of hidden treasure. Timed to the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End video games, Disney Interactive Studios announced today a partnership with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to release exclusive content for the upcoming Nintendo DS video game at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, where wireless capabilities are in beta testing as part of ongoing New Media enhancements.

Beginning May 22 with the release of the video game, Disney park guests who bring their Nintendo DS and a copy of the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End DS video game with them during their visit can download new video game content at specific “X-marks-the-spot” hotspots hidden near the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions. This download unlocks new content such as unlimited health and “savvy,” as well as fun extras, including additional costumes. This special content is only available to Disney park visitors and can be accessed with a Nintendo DS.

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The Nintendo DS Download Program for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is available free of charge to any park guest carrying a Nintendo DS system that contains a copy of the video game. For Nintendo DS owners without a copy of the new video game, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End will be available for purchase in stores at both parks. The program will begin on May 22 and is scheduled to run through Labor Day.