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Second Extinction gets biggest update yet as free to play weekend arrives

Second Extinction Pre-Season 6

Try all the new content that comes with the latest Second Extinction update. Plus, there is a free weekend on Steam.

Pre-Season 6 of Systemic Reaction’s dinosaur-themed co-op shooter Second Extinction has arrived, and it is without a doubt the biggest this title has ever gotten. Players will now be able to experience this pre-Season 6 with complete crossplay across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC thanks to the addition of the Emergency Landing: Horde Mode and a new playable character.

Second Extinction pits up to three-player teams against swarms of hungry dinosaurs in fast-paced combat over Earth’s post-apocalyptic wastelands. Equip a variety of strong weapons and skills and battle monster dinosaurs long thought extinct alone or with allies.

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The War Effort is Second Extinction’s community-driven global metagame, in which you may influence the danger level and difficulties that players all around the world experience by performing missions and activities.

Emergency Landing: Horde Mode and a new playable character

This new season brings a new game mode that completely improves the playable experience of Systemic Reaction. In Emergency Landing: Horde Mode You’ll begin inside a wrecked dropship, equipped only with a pistol, but as you defeat wave after wave of more difficult dinos, you’ll earn credits to buy additional equipment and skills to help you survive. Get your practice in now, because Horde Mode leaderboards will be arriving shortly, along with their own set of unique awards.

Second Extinction Pre-Season 6

You may play this new kind of play with the new character, Sunetra, who will be added to the game. A biologist who uses science to exterminate dinosaurs. Reduce damage for your squad while utilizing pheromones to turn adversaries against one another. With the addition of Sunetra, players now have the option of selecting from a list of up to six available characters.

Second Extinction is available on Xbox Game Preview for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, the Microsoft Store for PC, and Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC. You can now play the title via the Epic Games Store and Steam Early Access, which will be free until October 4th with a special 40% discount to purchase.

Watch the Pre-Season 6 launch trailer down below!