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Second Extinction Pre-Season 7 now available on PC and Xbox consoles

Pre-Season 7 Second Extinction

Battle against mutated dinosaurs with your friends across Second Extinction’s devastated world in pre-season 7.

Systemic Reaction has announced the release of the new Pre-Season 7 of Second Extinction, their action-packed co-op shooter. Players will find a new weapon called Hand Cannon, new season contracts with new incentives, and a slew of upgrades to provide a better gaming experience in Pre-Season 7.

It’s time for a new pre-season

Second Extinction pits up to three-player teams against swarms of ravenous dinosaurs in fast-paced fights over Earth’s post-apocalyptic wastelands. Equip a variety of one-of-a-kind weapons and skills and fight against gigantic mutant dinosaurs alone or with allies.

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In addition to the adjustments noted above, this new pre-season offers a basic training tutorial as its first assignment, which may be ignored by more experienced players or those who are eager to join the battlefield. Another feature that seasoned players will appreciate is the addition of Horde Mode extraction from Wave 4 onwards.

The free Pre-Season 7 update is available to all those who have previously purchased the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or PC as well as those who play for free through Xbox Game Pass.

Watch the new Pre-Season 7 trailer down below!