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Sega Ages Shinobi and Fantasy Zone are out now on Nintendo Switch


The Sega Ages lineup just got a little bit bigger. Sega today released the classics Shinobi and Fantasy Zone on Nintendo Switch.

First released for the arcade in 1987, Shinobi is a side-scrolling action game where you play as a ninja. The Sega Ages release is a port of the arcade game, not the Master System version. Sega Ages Shinobi and Fantasy Zone were announced earlier this month.

Fantasy Zone was also originally released as an arcade game back in 1985. Likewise, the Sega Ages release is an arcade port, not a console port. The game is credited – along with Konami’s TwinBee – for the creation of the cute ’em up genre.

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The Sega Ages series brings classic Sega titles back to life on the Nintendo Switch with new features. M2 is the studio behind the ports, the same Japanese developer responsible for the popular Sega 3D Classics series on the Nintendo 3DS.