Sega reveals Sakura Wars Launch Edition extras

Sakura Wars

Sega today showed off the extras for the Sakura War Launch Edition.

As we previously mentioned, Sakura Wars debuted on the SEGA Saturn in 1996. It grew into a successful Japanese franchise with several sequels, spin-offs, anime, manga, and even a stage show.

This latest release on PS4 is scheduled for its debut on April 28. The physical launch edition comes with extras. The extras include the theater costume add-on bundle, reversible cover art, and a sticker set featuring the main cast.

Also, Sega released more details on the game:

Almost immediately after being appointed captain of the Flower Division, your boss, Sumire Kanzaki, announces Tokyo’s sworn protectors are at risk of being disbanded. You and your squad have one chance to prove yourselves and save the legacy of the Flower Division – by winning the┬áCombat Revue World Games.

The Games are an intense, dynamic tournament where combat revues from around the world compete in elaborate stage performances and battle with their giant mecha. They were established with the hope it would foster a spirit of unity between the different revues while also enhancing their public profile, allowing these heroes to take the spotlight and display their combat prowess to the populace.

Lastly, Sega has unveiled a brand new combat trailer. It’s pretty neat. So go ahead and check it out below!

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