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Sega teases possible game announcement

Sega sent out a cryptic tweet, email, and launched a website today all with the same basic message: “Be the first to know.”

Know what? We don’t know, but we presume it is a game announcement. It could come as soon as next week, as that’s when the gaming press will gather for Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

The website, which is located at hmkd.sega.com, only shows the cryptic message and a heartbeat monitor. Users can click the “Be the First to Know” button, and it directs them to input their email address.

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Fans immediately began speculating on social media what the announcement could be. Some hoped for a new Jet Set Radio. Others wondered whether Sega was about to announce a Dreamcast Mini.

The best hint comes from the URL of the website though. Sega trademarked “Humankind” in Japan last year. The “HMKD” in the URL is likely an abbreviation.